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Cow + Giraffe = Mooraffe!
Silly and curious about everything!
Hawk + Fox = Hawx!
What does the Hawx say?
Snake + Turtle + Alligator = Snurtlegator!
Clever and sneaky!
Duck + Flamingo = Quackalingo!
The ultimate wacky pet!
Skunk + Pig = Skoink!
The sweetest animal in the world!
Pig + Penguin = Piguin!
The best dressed Genetipetz Buddy!
Leopard + Octopus + Crab = Leopoctocrab!
Watch out for those suckers!
Mouse + Elephant = Mouseaphant!
The only animal that can scare itself!
Zebra + Elephant + Lady bug = Zebugraphant!
Fast, smart and always ready for a hug!

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What animals would you combine to create a whole new Genetipetz friend? Here at the Genetipetz Clubhouse, you can enter and vote for your favorite animal combinations. If your design wins, you get the first one we make for free! Check out the latest Design Contest and start designing your own mixed-up Genetipetz animal!
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Stop by the laboratory to meet Dr. Genetipetz. Or head on over to the Incubator and Hatchery to see if Dr. Thena is in. There is always the secret vault for the more adventurous!
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Test your memory with our animal match game, or start naming your own wacky combinations with the Geneitron Name Game. Over 10 games available today!
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